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14 December 2009

Oh Really?

Stardoll is really getting on my nerves... I mean, selecting "there's only a few, high quality" as the right answer? The only right answer for the meaning of Limited Edition is that: it's Limited Edition. It might be high quality or it might not.

And really, the meaning that best describes LE is "The Things are really expensive". We know that there isn't a limited quantity, because some items are re-stocked so Stardoll can make more money. And some stuff isn't high quality.

I really think this poll's results are being manipulated by Stardoll. Just Sayin'.


  1. Plus, it's all pixelated. So you actually don't know if it's high quality or not. =]

  2. Lmfao, `high quality`?!
    It`s effing pixels!