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25 December 2009

New Year Offer...

If you become Superstar until 1 January, you'll get 35% more stardollars.

Will you become Superstar?


  1. does anyone know why the 25th on the christmas calender wont open? cus im trying to get it open on mine and it wont..so does any one know?

  2. When you click on the 25th one you should receive 25 stardollars.
    If you already got it from the link, you can't have another 25, hope I helped.

  3. yes. only at 25th december you can get 25SD for free. later you cant open it ..

    sorry i cant spek englisch very well .. :P

  4. I think that I will be ss again...

  5. its doesn't work. i became SS b4 Jan 1 and i didn't get the 35% (oh which btw is 70sd) i should hav gotten it :(

  6. My superstar is an automatic refill, so the offer doesn't apply to me ¬¬