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17 December 2009

Meet Stardoll's New Minion

Recognize this girl? Yeah, she's the one who appears in Stardoll's controversial ad. However, they changed it today, advertising the girl as Super_Girl.

When I got into her suite, it was pretty normal. But when I opened her closet, it became clear that she obviously has something to do with the Stardoll Staff. She has FREE LE. Jeez! The only person who has free LE is Callie.Stardoll. Fishy, huh?

She is best friends with miken, an account that belongs to the Stardoll Staff, and in her presentation she seems a little bit too desperate to know what is your favorite thing in Stardoll: "What is your favourite thing to do on Stardoll? I want to know! TELL ME!" What normal Stardoll user would do that? None. Only people like Callie.Stardoll or Vicky.Stardoll.

This is obviously a fake account created with a promotional purpose, but hey, Stardoll, at least you could try harder to disguise that.

What's your opinion?


  1. Have you seen ALL OF HER GIFTS? Like wow., People should blackmail her and Stardoll!

  2. I just got an email from stardoll saying "Make your child happy. Buy Superstar for them"

    Its just SAD.

  3. I just got an email from stardoll saying "make your child happy. Buy them Superstar"

    Its SAD.


  4. Hi!
    Yeah you are right! It's impossible be a non-superstar with that hair! It only appears when you have below 1000 starpoints!
    And Super_Girl it's a name very difficult to have... maybe Super_Girl2948 or Super_Girl2009, I don't know... but that name it's difficult to have, even she starts on stardoll in 2006!

  5. http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=484171

    There is a person called Katarina, who has over 15032 starpoints.

    best friends with Miken and, you guessed it, Super_girl. both known stardoll ... fakes.

    Does anyone else smell a fish?