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14 October 2009

StarBazaar Updates

You can now sell free stuff... if you're superstar, that is.

Do you believe it's fair only for superstars to buy and sell on the StarBazaar? Sure, while Superstars pay to get extra benefits, non-superstars give Stardoll popularity, since more than half of Stardoll is non-superstar. So why not let them be able to access the StarBazaar too?

What do you think? Is it fair or not?


  1. I think you're right I'm not superstar and I also want to sell things on starbazar ;)
    Xx JoJo_2805

  2. Yes, i do think it's unfair. Non-superstars need the money too. And I think the rooms should all be unlocked if you're superstar or not.