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14 October 2009

FREE Littlest Pet Shop T-Shirt & More!

UPDATE 15 October: Apparently no one is being able to access the club! What's going on, Stardoll?
Get your FREE Littlest Pet Shop T-Shirt following these steps:

1. Use a manual proxy from Poland, Sweden or Netherlands. A working one is
Port 3124.
3. Log in
4. Join the club! This may not work the first time, but keep trying!

Now you have a T-Shirt, but only when the club reaches 500 members! Then, the next prizes are:

- Hat (2000 Members)
- Bag (5000 Members)
- Dress (8000 Members)

Did it work?


  1. doesnt work

  2. it not work!!! :-(

  3. hey, check out my suite and add me- im kamini-rox. IT DIDNT WORK IT JUST WENT TO SORRY PAGE REQUEST NOT FOUND ERROR 404

  4. it didn't work U_U
    it say the page is not found when i click on the join button

  5. dosen't work....Don't u have a link for the website proxy ?

  6. dosen't work....Don't u have a link for the website proxy ?

  7. Doesn't work :( But I just wanted to say this is such a brilliant and helpful website and keep up the good work! x

    Chloe-x-Jessie - Stardoll

  8. x] Just ga to surert.nl. type in : http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1561100 . Click on surf, log in join the club Voila!

  9. It worked for me to join the clup but I'm from sweden so I did'nt have to do anything =)

  10. port 3128

    i try that and it work

  11. dosent work for me plz help me my name in stardoll is starhind plz post comment in my guestebook plz help plz i want this dreess and this hat nd this t-shirt plz help me help help lies153 plz help

  12. thant work for me help please my name in stardoll is starhind plz help and rite in my guestebook help i need your help

  13. hey :) my name is IAmLeeyshRivera (stardoll :P) there's this new 'Imagine dress' for UK members
    so you need a uk proxy
    its a game they stole callie's dress and there is 6 pieces all over stardoll you have to find were each of the pieces of the dress are
    these are the places:
    Style Medoll
    Dolls and Games
    Help Page

    I found them all but the proxy i used didn't let me in the starbazaar, hope u find a good one :) i couldn't lol

  14. I found something for free but it's superstar only sadly I couldn't get it... But it a pink star. It's at star sparkles go to jewelery At splendid. and It is on the first page at the bottom! Try to get it before they change it