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16 July 2009

Coming Soon...

Hmmm... what's this? They are clothes, but they are on a mannequin - we won't wear them! So... this leads to MORE free stuff...

Now, this looks like a school uniform customized by a 5th grader. Hmm... is there any movie coming out that could relate to this?


UPDATE: bobbypin12 says that there's a new St. Trinians movie coming soon. Remember last time Stardoll also advertised St. Trinians... so now we might get this?


  1. Bobbypin11- LauraJuly 16, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    A new St trinians film is comin out soonish

  2. http://www.bandai.com/harumika/

    I saw an banner ad for it the other day. Just promotion for the product, I guess.

  3. I personally like this outfit, especially the shirt. So I hope it`s free.

  4. I already hav it :D check out my page :D its at the shoes :) my
    page is 52859 :D xx