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16 July 2009

6 New Hairstyles!

Stardoll heard us and gave us 6 new beautiful hairstyles! 3 for girls, and 2 for boys...

I love them all, they are gorgeous and their quality looks real, not like those cartoonish-like hairstyles we had before.

And they are inspired on dolls - Amy Winehouse's beehive, Edward's messy hair... If you know another, tell us!

And don't you think that we should get new hair colors? The blonde looks like it's white!

UPDATE: The first Hairstyle is from the Christina Millan doll. The second, from Amy Winehouse. The third, from Nichole Richie. The fourth, from Robert Pattison. And the fifth, from Agyness Deyn. Thanks to wounded90 and reedonna!

(Thanks to cherries648 and kurd_sava!)


  1. The first hairstyle is inspired to Ciara, the third to Nicole Richie :)

  2. The other two female hairdos are Carla Bruni's and Ashley Tisdale's, I think.

  3. I love these new hairstyles!
    And they`re a major improvement from the hairstyles we got before.
    I see that many people love the first hairstyle. But I`m still sticking to my Starpoint hair. ;]

  4. the third is Avril...it says so on the add for the hairs...