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16 July 2009

Coming Soon... Weird?

Found this on the Spoilers. So maybe we're going to get this from watching the movie...


  1. its for their movie bandslam. if you go to the cinema, u get a free guitar

  2. I already saw these two ladies in someone's suite

  3. That's for Vanessa and Aly's new movie "Bandslam". it's so cool. Vanessa actually showed a REALLY different side, and aly SO rocked. the movie didn't come out yet but the trailer did. I think they're going to put it on stardoll soon. The movie comes out in August.

  4. she's right. you get the two girls and a free guitar.
    1) go to myproxy.ca
    2) type in the url box stardoll.com/en/cinema
    3) log in
    then you'll have them in ur suite.

  5. i saw them too...
    But how can we have it ? Help plz

  6. I already have dem too :D Check it out :) my page(gen) is 52859 :)