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03 January 2010

Club Free Stuff Awards: The Results

You voted and now you'll see who are the winners from the Club Free Stuff Awards!:

Best New Feature: Play & Earn

Worst New Feature: No More 1 Stardollar Per Day

Favorite Styled Outfits: Golden Indulgence

Best Real Brand: Kohl's

Worst Real Brand: Stuff by Duff

Best Limited Edition Brand: LE

Best FREE Item: Avril Lavigne Blackstar Stuff

Best Makeup Store: Sephora

Most Sought-After Items: HotBuys

Which Brand do you want to be the Next Real Brand?: Chanel

Best Real Celeb: Avril Lavigne

That's it! Thanks for voting and keep an eye out for our next Club Free Stuff Awards and for our next projects!


  1. OMG... cool :) Ikaty11 xox

  2. hey can u join with mai blog???

    I need some ppl to come on!

    xoxo doughertygirl42(medoll name)