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07 January 2010

Hidden Dolls + Hidden Dot Stuff + More Hidden Clothes & Accesories!

Want to play with dress up dolls that you can't find at the Dolls&Games page? Well, here we got 4 hidden dolls:

Also you can find hidden DOT Make-Up by searching: blue, pink, green, and orange.

To find the hidden Stuff by Duff leggings, search black + Stuff by duff.

To find the Voile jacket, search black + Voile + Jackets.

To find the 30 Million Members jacket, search black + Jackets.

[source: The Stardoll Insiders]

1 comment:

  1. Sorry for writing that again.I accidently found a non-superstar jumpsuit for 12SD by "OTTO". I think it's some kind of aan old shop or maybe a new one. So to find it you go to the search press dresses+black and it should be the very last one on the last page. =)Oh and there are 2 dresses by OTTO as well they're on the same page as the jumpsuit. But the dresses are for Superstars ONLY.