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11 July 2009

Ooops... Stardoll did it again

Remember a while ago, when Stardoll changed the sought after DKNY Sequin Top (above)? Users who paid big to get this StarPlaza gem were extremely upset - why change something that was released 2 years ago, and that thousands of users were happy with?

And now, Stardoll did it again, this time with the extremely rare Lottery Dress: the Kylie Museum one. People paid codes and more than 500 Stardollars for it, and now it looks like a doodled-by-a-4th-grader dress. But that's not all: they also changed the DKNY Skyscraper dress, and now the dress looks very different from what it was before.

I don't know why Stardoll is doing this - they have a deal with DKNY so it's not like they must change the dress to avoid a lawsuit, and they also have the rights to the Kylie doll! Why change it if everyone's happy with it? To reduce its rare factor, perhaps, and avoid all the hacking? Well, it won't work. Stardoll drama will never die.

And may I recall the Chanel items drama? In the "Falling for Fashion" theme, Stardoll decided to release items with the Chanel logo, including the 2.55 bag. After almost every user bought something, they simply changed the logo, to avoid a lawsuit. The scammers, this time, were Stardoll.

This is causing so much controversy, but I want to know what are your thoughts on this. Do you think that what Stardoll is doing is alright, or you think that the scammers here are Stardoll themselves because they are making us spend loads of Stardollars in something that soon will be changed - for bad?


  1. i don't understand what this said. if all they did was change the name who cares? it is just a name.

  2. it is just as rare so why does it matter? though the fact that they look worse and not better is kind of annoying

  3. thats really dumb of stardoll, i would hate to have my expense dress totally different!

  4. Claire Mae / JhuyedJuly 12, 2009 at 2:49 PM

    I kinda like the lottery dress better now. It looks more "artistic" but I guess that's just me. :/