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10 July 2009

Point Of View: Stardoll's New Strategy

Why is Stardoll puting all this Miss Sixty ads everywhere, if the collection hasn't arrived to the Starplaya yet? Why do they keep us waiting for it and shoving the collection in our faces?

That is Stardoll's new strategy. While making us wait for the collection we sell our clothes to have money to buy it, which means more money spent on the clothes, which means cash flow for Stardoll. And when we don't have anymore money we will buy another code, which also means more $$. We will log into our dolls to be the first to get the clothes and while we wait we'll buy other stuff for our rooms or start visiting our friends. More time on Stardoll means more rating, which means more $$$$$ for them.

Stardoll wants to earn money. And Real Brands are one of Starplaza's main attractions, one of the shops in which Stardolls spend more money in. When you see a Real Brand that is well known in real life and has pretty clothes you want to be a SuperStar. Miss Sixty- a brand which is very well known around the world and appeals to teenage girls (Stardoll's main target)- Miss Sixty is a good way to make Stardoll earn more money, but this brand will also win with this deal: when you like a brand in Stardoll, it's more likely that you'll buy it in real life. Take Sephora as an example. When you tried their make up on, didn't you wish you could have it in real life too?

But, Sephora is much cheaper than Miss Sixty, also it's very popular, while Miss Sixty has been loosing its thing for a while now. When they show up in Stardoll, their fashion forward users will spred the world about it. And a lot of brands know that teenagers are a very easy target for marketing. So Miss Sixty will have better sells on the next few months.

So, both of them win, Miss Sixty and Stardoll get more money. But what about us? Isn't being Superstar expensive in this economy? Why are we paying so much for some tiny pixels in our monitor, instead of buying something for us in real life? And why Stardoll is not giving any benefits for non-supestars? Sure, we have free stuff, but we also want to dress ourselves in colourful clothing, not just the dull colours of the Stardoll Store. Of course, Superstars pay for their extra benefits, but more of the half of Stardoll members are not superstar and they are the ones who gives Stardoll popularity and rating, and that is what allows stardoll to get more members.

So, instead of giving more and more to Superstars, why not think of 80% of the Stardoll Society?, why not give them a little bit more, which will also make them buying and give Stardoll money?, why not make at least 5 clothes of Miss Sixty to non-superstars? Which will like the brand and became Superstars too. Why not think about what they want and what they don't want?

Showing and shoving Miss Sixty in non-superstars faces, will tempt them to became superstars, but is it the right way to do it? And for the superstars members, don't you think that Stardoll is not giving you the benefits you are paying for? The new Superstar dolls lack in quality, and aren't the new clothes and furniture (which are not real brands or expensive) pretty boring? And isn't the money you get every week (50 stardollars) is not enough for everything?

Stardoll should start thinking on their members and not in their money. But what do you think?

by soovintage


  1. omg, give them a break. id like to see any one else do what stardoll does any better than they do. they have to make money to keep the site running and stuff. servers and moderaters and staff and everything in between must be payed for, and we the customers are to do just that, pay for it. deal with it.

  2. totally agree.
    I have 1 year ss membership and Im getting 46 a week. With prices on Stardoll it is just like nothing.
    I wasn't non-ss like ages so I didn't know how boring this game is without ss membership until I made account for my sister and she cant buy anything nice.

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  4. I do think u have a point, but SD does have to pay for everything! I'm not SS but I love stardoll all the same! You work with what you have... bring on the creativity!
    You pay for what you get... you basically agree with it... so if you don't agree than don't pay for it, I dont think it is really expensive... but i prefer real clothes to spend my money on. My opinion... good article though :)

  5. great article! i like how you consider both superstars and nonsuperstars

  6. hi im lele-ne from stardoll and im registerd on barbie girls its same thing but thats no ss tere its vip and u have to pay but the unforhinat girls that arent vip ary month the bg staf they givie non vip members beautifal and free stuff they can even hange the color of thows things or they find codes on barbie girls and thows things are cooler than the things in the store!!!STARDOLL GON MAD
    to be continud...
    xoxo lele-ne

  7. We don't have Miss Sixty in Australia. It's a shame it looks really cool.

  8. I totally agree. And only stardoll think how win more money.
    I I am thinking seriously leave the game as soon as an end my subscription.
    I can not continue spending more virtual clothes, better me buy it in real life.
    : D

  9. And congrats for you article!! very good! :D