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15 July 2009

Point of View: Re-released HotBuys

Look at the picture above. Notice something weird? Well, I do. How come a simple white, almost cream skirt, just released, is the hottest item in the StarPlaza?

That's because it's not the first time it was in the StarPlaza. Yes, yes: it is a Hot Buy. But its rare factor is already in risk of extinction, since everyone is gone nuts to buy it before it disappears (Miss Sixty much?), or it becomes Superstar.

So I think, what about the Stardolls who paid loads of money to get this skirt? Money down the drain, of course. But Stardoll doesn't seem to care: if millions (literally) of users buy this skirt, this means more Stardollars spent, which means more cash for Stardoll. And who doesn't want to make cash? It seems like a winning strategy: old rares on the Shop = money. And of course, they don't need to spend a dime, because the clothes are already in their archive, so they won't have to pay a graphic designer.
People always complain about scammers, but I continue to believe that in this case Stardoll is the real scammer. People are paying codes for this kind of clothes, and I'm pretty sure Stardoll is aware of that, but to make even more money they release the same product again in the StarPlaza for a cheap price, which will make the product even more tempting.
Of course, with that money Stardoll makes wonderful changes and new stuff in Stardoll, but it isn't a surprise to me that more and more members are leaving or logging in less often. They are tired of collecting clothes when probably Stardoll will release them again, of all the scammers, and of the lack of gossip. There is nothing new on Stardoll, and everyone wants to change that, but how?
The magazine thing is already dead. The "elite" group is over, with most of their people getting tired of it all. So gossip blogs have nothing to talk about, and fashion blogs keep featuring the same people which only wear designer stuff, instead of featuring extremely creative, but less known, users. So Stardoll Awards and Parties feature the same people, which leads to extreme boredom.
What can we do to change this? I want your thoughts on the comments!
But back to the topic, do you think that it's okay for Stardoll to re-release clothes again and again? Is Stardoll the real scammer behind everything? COMMENT!


  1. OMG thats so unfear very much people pay like 60 sd for that when it wasnt there but now stardoll re-released it they paid for nothing !!
    stardoll is so mean


  2. Not to be rude but you are posting things completely unrelated to 'Free Stuff'. I don't get the name.

  3. Is that skirt a hot buy? I thought it was just a rare. But I agree that Stardoll shouldn't re-release old items (hot buys or rares). I did find this skirt a few months ago for really cheap in the bazaar.