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15 July 2009

NEW Layouts... Clubs & Find Friends Pages

kurd_sava and cherries648 informed me about the new layout and organization in the Clubs and Find Friends pages. I really like this new layout, it is much organized and looks less cluttered.

On the Clubs page, now you can find clubs in by language and categories, and on the Find Friends page you can find friends by their country and gender. This search engine is much more functional than the last one, I believe.

Also on the Friends page our friends are organized in alphabetical order!

I think it's really great that Stardoll did this much-needed changes, the results are much more user-friendly! What do you think?


  1. they also made the time on recent visitors more specific, which i dont like personally, and they changed the look of the guestbook feed module on your mypage, AND on my best freinds list, two of the medolls avastars are replaced by a tack and a star. and im not sure about this one, but the clubs ive joined module is now in bold...

  2. Actually I don't like it that much because its not easy to find scammers and hackers etc. ?