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08 December 2009

LE Look For Less/Stardoll is scamming us

Missed out on this Fall's LE Collection? Or simply didn't want to spend that much? I've found two pieces that are very similar to the ones in LE, for a lot less. Is Stardoll trying to say "sorry" for all their greedyness...

... or are they trying to scam us again? Really, people paid $275 for that dress, and now a very similar looking dress is available for only $13? What about all the people who bought it? And those 55 stardollars flats can be bought by everyone for $5?

What's your opinion?


  1. i can't believe stardoll would scam superstars like that! the cheaper ones look just as good as the original ones.maybe stardoll is trying to let superstars who didn't get to buy the LE items..can buy items that look very much like the original ones.

  2. Sorry i didn't know where to write it so I wrote it here. I accidently found a non-superstar jumpsuit for 12SD by "OTTO". I think it's some kind of aan old shop or maybe a new one. So to find it you go to the search press dresses+black and it should be the very last one on the last page. =)