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10 December 2009

Design Contest Scandal!

afia14's Guestbook is full of rude comments. Why? Well, apparently, she stole a sketch from Pat McDonagh's Dare To Wear Love collection (see more here: http://iwantigot.geekigirl.com/2009/10/21/tefw-dare-to-wear-love-at-lg-fashion-week/) and submitted it to Stardoll's Design Contest as her own. Seems like no big deal, right? Well, now afia14's design was number one on the contest, which would give 10 winners $400 StarDollars, make them become Stardoll Royalty, and the 10 winning designs would be released at the StarPlaza in an exclusive collection.

The owner of the sketch decided not to take any action, since Stardoll was "a paperdoll site", but after seeing all the prizes a lucky winner would get, she decided to take action. She e-mailed Stardoll, and now, afia14's entry was deleted. (see more here: http://iwantigot.geekigirl.com/2009/12/09/canadian-designer-pat-mcdonaghs-dare-to-wear-love-sketch-stolen-for-use-in-a-stardoll-contest/)
afia14 still claims the design was hers and says she "didn't know one of my original works is on another site". She even shows another bunch of designs she also claims are "hers", however they don't look anything like the one she entered - and she even admits it!: "... it doesn't look ANYTHING like the one I entered...". The link to afia14's other designs is i49.tinypic.com/fbfgg7.jpg and you can see them below:


Source: Underneath Stardoll, Stardoll's Top Designers

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  1. That happend before with Migliukee member copping atrist kate Rogers PaperFashion Blog http://paperfashion.wordpress.com/2009/11/