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06 December 2009

Club Free Stuff's Holiday Picks & Tips!

This Stardoll Holiday season, look fabulous on a budget with our Holiday Picks & Tips for everyone!

This season is all about sequins, metallics, lace, luxury, quirkyness and some leathers here and there; from metallic belts to leather vests to fabulous Louboutins, we got you covered- the highest price is $12, but for an amazing Abbey Dawn dress, and the lowest price is $3 for a embellished, Givenchy-like belt. And now, the tips:

1. Embellished belts are perfect to give last season's dress a more luxurious, sophisticated and up-to-date look. The belts from Voile and Voile Holiday Shop are perfect!

2. Say bye to flats and hello to heels! Your medoll will be glad to wear this gorgeous Louboutins which cost only $5.

3. Lace is everywhere, even in necklaces! This one is perfect to give your doll a neo-gothic but glam look.

4. This metallic bag is hot and will brighten up any boring, lifeless look!

5. This quirky belt inspired by Dolce and Gabbana will make your doll's look fun, but with an 40's parisian chic appeal. A must buy!

6. A sequined hot pink skirt. Need I say more?

7. This crown is inspired by Givenchy and will make every doll become a punk princess.

Will you buy?

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