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11 December 2009

Big Rumor!

There's a rumor on Stardoll that they will let StarBazaar prices reach up to $500...

The source also said before that there would be a party chat, and guess what happenned later... Stardoll released a party chat! So maybe this rumor is true.

In my opinion, I think this is a way for Stardoll to make more money (of course), but if you think about it, it would stop a lot of scams going around. With a higher price limit, sellers wouldn't need to ask for extra codes or gift cards. And that would make Stardoll a lot safer.

What are YOUR thoughts?


  1. I would love that! Because some things are rare enough to be in the 100's such as the elizabeth and james collection!

    PS. can i be a writer?

  2. I think that the $500 thing is a great idea .. this way people cannot scam anymore !!
    Great :D

  3. I agree that it'll stop scams, but that'll just mean we'll all have to pay MORE. Its just another way to make everyone pay more. :/

  4. Well.....
    I think it would be a great way to stop scamming, but i also think that would be a rip off.
    Cuz what if someone put a $500 price on a pair of shoes they gor for free!?!
    Well we'll have to see
    - bye bye for now!

  5. hould be 100 or ppl with last seasons dkny will think 'oh now u cnt by it anyzmore i will make a lottah money sellin it 4 500SD