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03 October 2009

Non-Superstar Red Carpet Items!

Now at the StarPlaza, beautiful non-superstar dresses inspired by Versace Versus and Emilio Pucci! However, the prices are not so pretty: $20 for a dress? Come on!
Will you buy?


  1. I'm definitely not buying! I mean, they look not bad, but the prices are ridiculous for non-superstars! We don't have that kind of money to spend on one thing!

  2. love it.. but a bit pricy.. i bought it anyway..

  3. The other red carpet items used to stay for about 2 to 3 days! But these are on the starplaza,and non-superstar, since 9 days ! Hurry if you want to buy them,you know stardoll,they'll surely change it soon! Glitch maybe?

  4. i LOVE the dresses,i only had enuf moni cus i was ss bfore and had moni lefit over!(i am ss agen) this is pobs a bit too pricey but if ur new and u get 45 sd and so u can spend it !!!but seroulsy GREAT dresses!
    p.s love this blog IT ROCKS!