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05 October 2009

NEW: Barbie Shop!

Only available to US Stardolls, however you can get the clothes in your dressing room clicking here.

I think the shop is awesome! It's cheap, non-superstar, and very girly, but at the same time, totally rock'n'roll!



  1. Thnx!! Thats cool!

    Just wanted to say, that using a proxie like surfert.nl and going to the design their is a moxie girls design thing, which is based on the moxie clothing line, but it still a bit buggy and sometimes wont work very well.

  2. no, no, i'ts available to Stardoll members in Germany, to!!!!!

  3. Get a free Barbie T-shirt following this steps:
    1.Go to americanproxy.org
    2.In the URL bar type stardoll.com/en/cinema
    3.Log into your account
    !!!!To get the T-shirt you need to see all video. Stay aprox. 5-6 minutes. I'm not sure
    You get it !!!!
    My name on Stardoll is AlinaAlexandra

  4. love it!!!
    and it's not for ss only and it's cheap!!!

  5. It's not US only! I'm from Iceland it works on my computer without using a proxy :0

  6. Cool!

    Btw, its now just a normal shop, so anyone can access it!

  7. actually i live in saudi and i have the shop

  8. This shop is now available for Australian users. :-D

  9. Its avable to UK is well!