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07 October 2009

FREE BFF Necklace!

To get this necklace, go to stardoll.com/en/campaigns/bff and post in a comment! You have it, no proxy needed!

About the campaign, I think it's really great that Stardoll is standing up against cyberbullying, something that also happens on their site too. Have you ever been cyberbulled?


  1. yeah, they called my sister fatty.
    Just to make her more insecure!
    Because she has anorexia :(
    Its very sad !
    but she's getting more healthy every day.

    But they can say all they want but i dont care they dont even know me!

  2. Thank God stardoll is finally seeming to care about cyberbullying. But stardoll has never done anything about it on there before, so I'm thinking it's all for show.