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15 October 2009

First Look at Pink For October Store!

Stardoll is a little bit late, but the store looks very good! However... why did they change the Pink for October logo? Instead of a pink ribbon, the store and the clothes have pink hearts motifs. Is the Ungaro trend catching on? Thoughts?


  1. The store is now open and there is a 'Look who's bought this stuff' box on the homepage. BUT all the stuff is Superstar and quite expensive.

  2. Pink for October is superstar Only!!!!

  3. It's very bad that the things only are available for superstars! I would really like to give some money to the breat cancer fond, even if I don't like the clothes, but how should I do it without being superstar? I will not buy a month of superstar-membership only for buying those clothes. I need to save my own money for more important things. That's it.

    / BeccyA @ Stardoll

  4. Well... yea the logo did change. But why? I liked the breast cancer symbol better because there is a cause to do it.:D