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02 August 2009

Suite Makeover: Get a Non-Superstar Bed in 7 Days or Less!

Did you ever want a beautiful bed for your Suite, and ended up not buying anything because all the beds everyone can buy are matresses? Don't worry, here you can find how to get a similar bed to the one above in just 8 or 7 days - or less, if you use cheaper items - just with Play & Earn money! Check out the items that you'll need below:

What you'll need (since you cannot click on the picture):
- 2 Egypt Drapery Curtains, $5 Each, Bling Bling
- 2 Tables, $4 Each, Folk
- 2 Wall Hangers, $3 each, Fashion
- Matress, $5, Boheme
- Shilpa Pillows, $4, Boheme / Brown Pillow, $1, Boheme cheaper!
- Cozy Carpet, $4, Folk / Red Carpet, $1, StarPoint Section cheaper!

You'll need $37 to buy it all, that is 8 days with Play & Earn money or 7 days with P&E and 2 Stardollars - however, it's totally worth it. Or if you do it with cheaper items, you'll just need $31, that is 6 days and 1 daily Stardollar!

You can always add something to the wall, for example posters from sponsored clubs, or stuff from DIY or wall art! It's your choice!

What do you think, too expensive or totally worth it?


  1. OHH LIKE IT!!!
    Totally gonna try i have the most of those items already so i only need only money to buy the matras!!
    I have to wait just 1 day for 5 play and earn money and for some extra's i already got 25 sd!!!

  2. Sorry, I don't like it.

  3. Unrelated to this topic, but I noticed today that the MKA jacket that you could only get on size 3 legs has been changed to skinny jeans for everyone, I'm kind of gutted about that since I paid for the jacket before everyone was after it not knowing the difference, haha

  4. I already had this idea, you can see it in my suite.

    BUT!!! I have a CHEEPER version as well! If you buy the circle thingy which has stairs on it as well, it only costs 5$, so it's almost the half of the two shelf!
    I'm not saying it, but I had this idea years ago (don't believe me? go check out my suite, my name is: LadyChasandra)