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09 July 2009

Your first look: Miss Sixty Spring 2009 Prices

Thanks to John2_el_mejor you'll have the first look into Miss Sixty's prices!
The brand is not really that pricey, but not really that cheap, considering boots cost $14 - higher than Philosophy! But the rest of the clothes are okay, considering their quality! Cheapest: $6, bangles. Highest: $22, dress.
Will you buy?


  1. oh, snap, I'm going to be SO POOR once this stuff comes out!

  2. Does anyone know why there some of the pieces are floating around StarBazaar? I heard about the scarf, and then today I saw one of the dresses on sale for 60SD.

  3. i will so buy the whole collection!........when it goes on sale in a few months...LOL