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08 July 2009

Weird.... Play & Earn Game Problem

After playing the Play & Earn Game Celeb Quiz, I didn't get any stardollars, and on the message board it said: "Congratulations! You didn't make the high score list... try again!"

Is this the end of Play & Earn Games? We already have got the 4 games, and it's a limited time feature, so... And also, how do they expect every member to get an amount of 57, 491 points or higher to get in the High Score list?

What's going on? Did anyone else had this problem?

UPDATE: Already fixed it! You need to log out, log in, and play again... If this still happens, contact Stardoll!

UPDATE 2: Lalagoo42 pointed out that the 1 Stardollar Per Day is also limited, and it has been on Stardoll for almost a year. Thoughts?


  1. Hii :D I got the money, maybe you can try to play another game! I played globetrotter

  2. but they also said the one stardollar a day is a limited time thingy

  3. They get high scores cause they cheat:-0