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01 July 2009

We Love... findurlove's fantastic idea!

We all know that bags aren't that pretty on Stardoll. They are pretty much black, brown, white or grey, and if they are, let's say, purple, they are often boring. But findurlove solved this problem:

She created this awesome tote by using the StarDesign Interior pillow, and then she put a random bag to create the handles! Genius!

Now you can create every bag pattern you like, from LV to animal print to fun quotes like findurlove's or Jessica Cushman's ("My other bag is Fendi", "Black is the new Black"), or get inspired and recreate a real-life bag from your favourite designer - Chanel, Prada Fairy Tote, etc! Or maybe, why not doing a print with your favourite artist on it? Or a map tote? The possibilities are endless!

But, how do you create the handle? It's easy! Just put one of your bags behind the pillow, or buy a Basics bag that matches the color of your StarDesigned tote!
I want to see your designs! Tell me if you made a StarDesign Interior Tote and I'll visit your suite, you might end up featured on the blog!
by soovintage


  1. good idea
    i havnt made tote bags but i have made some branded designs like
    pepe,LV,ed hardy,levis,RBK,etc etc
    to see them pls see

    and let me know in my gbk if u need any
    stardoll id naomi_b
    and my blog is

  2. hey girl!!
    i try this michael jackson top too!!
    i love it but i'm sad cause the king of pop is died...!!

  3. Gkmktk actully thought about the idea and did it first.