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07 July 2009

Point Of View: Stardoll Jobs

While some people believe Stardoll magazines, blogs, parties and competitions are just done for fun, to some others it might help to decide their future.

What hasn’t been done already in Stardoll, I ask myself. Magazines? Check. Shop? Check. Charity? Check. Blogs? Check. Party-planning? Check. But what happens when those mini-businesses influence you to make big decisions in real life? See how to get your foot in the door below.

- Magazines: creating a magazine is not easy. You need to find out the latest trends, find good writers, good graphic designers, make it look different from everything else that’s already out there, and when finally publishing it, advertise it! However you will not only get recognition for this: you will learn how to work in a team, how to advertise things and make them look appealing to the public, get your writing and designing skills sharpened, and who knows? Maybe you’ll bound up working in Elle, Seventeen or Harper’s Bazaar!

- Blogs: being a Stardoll blogger is not as sweet as it looks. You need to have a strong personality that will make everyone want to read your opinion on, let’s say, “Elites”, you need to know how to use metaphors, you need to write on interesting and recent stuff (a gossip blog who still writes about Stardoll Burn Books is really boring and needs to catch up with the latest gossip), you need to have contacts and sources who can give you trustworthy scoops, and God save the Queen if you have grammar mistakes! It might seem like a lot to keep track off, but it pays off. Imagine all the stuff real reporters must do! And of course, it will improve your English grades!

- StarDesigner: creativity in Stardoll is something rare to find. While everyone is trying to create designer looks and designing Chanel or Ed Hardy tops, good designers think out of the box and try to do something only they can do – just like real life designers! When a runway look cannot be recreated by TopShop, Asos or Lipsy, you know you’ve got it. Stardoll designers need to find a possibility in every shape, every texture and every piece of StarDesign clothes they’ve got. And they must be unique – why would someone pay $10 for a T-Shirt when they can do it by themselves? And where do you see “trendy” on a Gucci logo dress or a Jonas Brothers top? That’s what StarDesigners should keep on mind when designing, if they want to go to Parsons New School of Design someday!

- “Elites”: A lot of well known Stardoll members were made famous by their scandals. Loophole, fights, Burn Book, etc. And then, after everything’s over, they still keep being well known. Why? Because they have a good fashion taste, because they work in Stardoll blogs or magazines, because they are Stardesigners, or only because they have famous friends too. And hey, isn’t it the same in Hollywood? Oh babe, you’re set for stardom.

Remember, you don’t need a special degree to follow your dreams – passion will get you there. And if there’s any idea out there that is like yours, think about what makes your idea different and special so you can make yours the best it can be. Start getting ready for work!

by soovintage


  1. wow that is detailed and very educational

    you should be a socilogist;-)
    or at least a writer of self help books

  2. wow...that was a great article! you are very inspirational and encouraging :)