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13 July 2009

Overheard... HotBuys Addicted Party

Hot Buys Addicted celebrates its 100 followers with a party on this friday, at 6 p.m GMT Time, on their club's (HB.Addicted) guestbook. The Dress Code is at least one HotBuy, and the 10 Best Outfits will be featured in the magazine with comments from .marcela.., undamyumbrella, missrachson, and fionamcgonigle! So start searching your closets!

You can read the full post here.

marudoll says: Okay, so .marcela.. is a writer for the magazine, but I believe she shouldn't take advantage of that to promote her party and her blog! She should do that on her blog, or at least ask her friends to promote it! The magazine already advertises Elle, posh24.com, various movies/TV shows and celebrities, but promoting selected users (may I say that most of them are Superstar?) - that is crossing the line!

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