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15 July 2009

New Hairstyle on the Way?

When changing my MeDoll I realized there was a new hair on page 5 - but it wouldn't load! What is it? Just a Stardoll glitch, or are we getting a fabulous new 'do?


  1. yes we are because on page nine, the last page of the hairstyles, there are supposed to be 2 hairs, and there are three appearing. so in extra one has been added to add the third one in the last page. um if that made any sense :P

  2. Great but why some color don't come? I wanna real blonde :(

  3. there are 2 new hairstyles...but one of them doesnt show up on ur medoll in ur suite it only shows up on ur icon or whatever it is called....it looks like amy winehouse's hairstyle! visit princesspoppyse to see the new hairstyle....and also there is a new agyness deyn hairstyle too that is the one that wouldnt show up but now it did

  4. I found 3 or 4 of them. And I absolutely adore 2 of them that are new! xD