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10 July 2009

Misterious Dress?

Found this Dress on the Spoilers. It is not in the Starplaza, but I doubt it will be. A gift dress, maybe? But wasn't Stardoll over that frenzy? So, what do you think it is?

I think it is from some doll but I can't remember from which. If anyone knows, post it on comments!


UPDATE: Thanks to r1ma, thatgirlsophy and Polincik, we know that the dress is from the Christian Dior Spring 2009 Haute Couture collection, and is on the Black & White Doll (but it is a skirt and a top, not a dress). And if it is from the White & Black doll, why are they going to release it now? So I believe it will be free, or part of a contest, or a gift dress.


  1. it's a dior spring couture dress on that black and white themed doll

  2. It is not a dress))It is a skirt plus top) Visit the "White and Black" Doll)It is from there)

    xoxo,Polly (Polincik on stardoll)

  3. this dress is beautiful...

  4. I just read the previous comments, and, well, if this dress is from the "White and Black" themed doll, then why would it be coming out now? Hopefully, Stardoll will be nice and give it to us for free, but if not, then it`ll probably be sold in the Starplaza.