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14 July 2009

Love it or Leave It?: Bold Lips

from left: yasas10, lovinitlovinit, hunnigall, ariannacarle, yaelalon

Since Dot's appearance in the StarPlaza the bold lips trend has been hiding. Now it is back, not just in red or black - in almost every color!
You decide: Love it or Leave It?


  1. Cool, I think this is the first time I've been mentioned on a blog with over 10 followers. Lol.

  2. I am Spanish, but I speak with the translator. What were you saying to me in Cltreanor's blog?

  3. Please, it answers to my request of which you should read my books in the commentaries of my blog. Thank you:)

  4. i like it but...black and blue i just dont like and the girl/boy of the last picture only has 1 eyebrow
    LOL XD