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12 July 2009


Club Free Stuff is going into a new direction - think of a Seventeen, Harper's Bazaar one. We won't feature expensive fashion or boring articles about the so-called elites, but we will show real, fun and fearless fashion, articles about what's really going on at Stardoll, Hit/Miss, Love it/Leave it posts in which YOU decide, Smart Shopping: getting the look for less, Buy Now and Wear Forever features, Stuff under $x, and much, much more!

We also added the "Tips by marudoll" widget in the sidebar. It gives you quick tips on almost everything! New tips updated daily!

Of course, we won't stop posting about Stardoll Free Stuff & News!

You can find all these new features on Index, in the sidebar. Tell us what do you think about it!

Keep checking Club Free Stuff everyday to check what's new!

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