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13 July 2009

Globetrotter Ad in StartPage

When I log in Stardoll, I see this ad in the StartPage. Honey, this game was released sometime ago, and it's not new. Maybe they put it on the Start Page to promote it? Because it's a little bit hard, and you need to play it twice to get 5 stardollars - and on Celeb Quiz you just need 1500 points, which you can reach pretty quickly. Maybe that's why Celeb Quiz is the most popular Play and Earn game, huh?

Well, at least there's another Play and Earn in the way, so why bother?

by marudoll


  1. Why do you have to play it twice? In a single round I earn 5 stardollars 0.o

  2. Yeah, this is what I thought when I saw the ad for the game on the front page this morning.

    My 6 year old sister is better than me at this game. XD

  3. yeah, this game is so easy! I always get 5 stardollars but i always choose europe because thats easy ;)