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14 July 2009

Get the Hannah Montana Top and Belt!

Oh-oh! We won’t get the Hannah Montana top automatically! So…

To get the Hannah Montana Top and the Hannah Montana Belt (yes, 2-in-1!), use this manual proxy: port 80, or port 3124 (learn how to use a manual proxy here). That proxy is really slow, so be patient! Maybe it won't work for you, so search "UK free proxy" on Google! If you know any UK proxy that works post it on comments!

Then go to http://www.stardoll.com/es/clubs/home.php?id=1350765. My tip? Log in before using the proxy, it saves time!

When you are in the club, watch “Trailer 2”. Stay a few seconds and then log out!
You have the tee now!

Plus if you missed the previous gift, you just need to watch the Trailer 1!
Thanks to The Stardoll Insiders!


  1. I found a working UK proxy.

  2. Gabyzoka (account)July 15, 2009 at 10:39 PM

    I can't find the trailers! There's written "Watch a clip", but it isn't a link! heellppp

  3. No, there's no link- a TV should appear below, with two videos!

  4. But there's nothing appearing there ;( ...

  5. I don't find the club it's hanna Montanna?

  6. yes, there's nothing!!!
    Only a teext: watch a cip!
    But nothing else!


  7. Yes!!!!
    Please help us soovintage!!!
    I wanna have this top!!!
    But there isn't a trailer!!!
    Please update this instroduction!

  8. Well i tried looking for the club but it just said this club is not available!!!:( help me

  9. hi,
    i'm from israel and i wanted to ask if i need a proxy for israel or the uk is good too?

  10. Hi, I have tried all possible proxies, but I can not join and I can not watch the clip. Help!

  11. OK, so first my regular inernet manual proxy lost connection with my router. So i tried firefox(which is easier to setup a manual proxy) and it worked. but when i typed in that web address, it said in spanish "this club is not available" so idk what happend.