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16 July 2009

FREE Bibliochaise & BiblioPuff

You can get the Biblio Chaise and Biblio Puff following this steps:

1. Go to My Account and find your Stardoll User ID.
2. Now, go to this link http://www.rhgdigital2.co.uk/competitions/stardoll/index.asp?userid=15002333 and after the "=" put your User ID (NOT username!).
3. Answer at least 3 questions. Here are the answers:
Q1: 2) The Diary of Anne Frank
Q2: 1) Teddy
Q3: 3) To appear on Britain’s Got Talent
Q4: 1) Her Mum’s Burberry purse
Q5: 3) Edinburgh
Q6: 2) Brunette with blonde highlights
Q7: 1) Mr Peakes, the butler
Q8: 1) A unicorn
Q9: 3) A wedding
Q10: 1) Lobsters
4. Now, fill in the form with fake info. DO NOT CLICK "SUBMIT" YET!
5. Now, use a manual proxy (find out how to use a manual proxy here): I used port 80! Other proxies that might work: port 80, port 80!
6. Now, click submit. You'll be redirected to Stardoll.

It might not work on the first try, but don't give up!


  1. Hii

    I can't do it :S

    There is another way to get it??
    Please help me ;)

  2. Thanks but it doesn't work isn't there another way??

  3. it says "You are trying to use a node of the CoDeeN CDN Network. Your IP address is not recognized as a valid PlanetLab address, so your access to CoDeeN does not include all HTTP types"

  4. Try with other proxy - search "USA MANUAL PROXY" on google!

  5. k so like ever since that hannah montana free golden jacket where every1 found out how to use a 'manual proxy', every single blog is too lazy to list a proxy site! now it's always 'well, u know how to use the manual proxy, so do it urself.' it really bugs me. i dont want to mess my computer up with those manual proxies! i dont!

  6. i did it and it send me 2 my room but i did not get the free stuff. can u help me

  7. Today i used

  8. Id doesn't work.

  9. ur_love_at_first_sightAugust 23, 2009 at 5:02 AM

    hi this post does not work any more i already tried but it didnt work.so just wanted to tell you that it didnt