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05 July 2009

CharityGlam by dodence_bt

Mario (dodence_bt) posted on his blog about his new project, CharityGlam - the first Stardoll Charity ever!

I think the idea is great, being non superstar myself it's awesome that Superstars want to help us, giving us gifts and codes. I'm glad that dodence_bt is promoting this, without fearing of "ruining his 'elite' image".

I already joined the club, you can join it too clicking here, and get the chance of winning amazing prices!

by marudoll


  1. this is an awesome idea, i joine dthe club already! =O

  2. I think that's a bad idea. If you want to help a 'charity' go help the people who don't even have the access to computers that people on stardoll have. Or the peeople who don't even have access to education, food, clean water and sanitation.

    Do something real and worthwile.