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09 June 2009

LE Limited Offer Exclusive Dress

This Limited Offer EXCLUSIVE LE Dress (as seen in Spoilers) is available only for LE buyers, and only for $250! And Superstar Only, of course.

It looks like there will be more of this Exclusive LE Dresses, but really, I don't know why. Isn't having 2 limited brands enough? Isn't paying $25 for some tights and $100 for a bikini enough? Really Stardoll, when will you stop?

I must admit that this dress is beautiful and chic, and the model looks like the redhead daughter of Magdalena Frackowiak and Natasha Poly, but, what do you think?

(Thank you petshop110)


  1. its stardoll's greedy way of getting superstars to spend even more than they ALREADY do on stardoll...its sad and sickening!

  2. the dress is traded now for up to 1000 SD now!
    As long as there are people who think that style means having the most expensive and "limited only" stuff, stardoll can always make its prizes higher and higher.

    The dress was sold out after only 4 hours by the way...
    also read my thread about this in the club please.

  3. it's pathetic, I mean it's real money & that's a months worth of stardollars!