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02 April 2009

Coming Soon... Free Queen's Day T-Shirt? How can you get it?

As far as I know, the Queen's Day (Dutch: Koninginnedag) is a national holiday in the Netherlands that celebrates the Queen's Birthday, on 30 April.
Then, will Dutchs get this free T-Shirt on the 30 April? Or sooner? I found this spoiler between the GaGa clothes, so get ready...
UPDATE: It looks like you can get the T-Shirt joining a Stardoll Competition only for Dutch Stardolls, or with the competition on the Maxima Doll. I tried getting it with many proxies but I can't... If you know anything, tell!


  1. whheee coool i got lucky because i am dutch =D

  2. you have to enter the competition and if you do you will automatically get a t-shirt and luckilly i'am dutch !!!!

    p.s. the competition includes : dress up prinses maxima as beautiful as you can and maybe you will win stardollars !!! there will also come a queensday shop !!!

  3. where is the competition page? on the magazine? or do you have the link?give it to me... please..

  4. the competition is on the princess maxima doll !!!

  5. http://www.stardoll.com/nl/campaigns/queensday/

    maybe you can try this link

    xx lovelycat44