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03 February 2009


It's back, ladies and gentleman!
The highest price in the whole collection is $18 - for a wonderfull dress. The lowest, $6 for a pretty bow belt. And of course, Superstar only.
I think the collection is fine - Stardoll could have done so much better on the dresses and the yellow skirt-and-top thing [that bow is like on what, 10 dresses already?), but this collection is so springy-ish, not like the past DKNY brown-and-purple summer one.

Stuff WORTHY of spending Stardollars:
- Ikat Print Dress, $18
- Sneaker Pumps and SlingBack Sandals, $7 and $9
- Logo Tee, $7
- Seasonless Miniskirt, $8

Thoughts on the new collection?
EDIT: Picture from the Daily Tabloid.

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