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10 January 2009

The "Blank Face" Glitch...

is back. It's the 3rd time Stardoll users go through one of the most annoying glitches: no face. No face at guestbook, broadcasts, just a blank spot where your medoll's face should appear.
There are 3 ways to solve this glitch:
- Go to you medoll. Make the necessary changes but DON'T SAVE. Go to Start. Go back to your medoll, do the changes again and save.
- Do the changes in your medoll. Save. Log Out. Log in again. Keep repeating this 4 steps until your medoll appears [also works with another glitch: you save your medoll, but in the medoll spot your old - really old - medoll appears]
- Save your doll 5 or more times.

If the problem continues, message Stardoll.

Oh, don't forget to tell them about all this Starpoint Problems too...

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