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18 December 2008

Edit Stardoll!

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To some of you this might be really old news but you can edit Stardoll, simply copy&paste the link into your URL bar, and now you can edit it, change your username, change texts, etc. It works with any website! NOTE: It won't really change your username or amount of stardollars.

Para algunos esto es viejo, pero ahora podes editar Stardoll! Solo copia y pega el link arriba en tu barra de links, y podes editar, cambiar tu nombre de usuario, etc... Sirve con cualquier pagina web! NOTA: No va a cambiar de verdad tu username o stardollars.

Pra algums de voces isto já é coisa velha, mas agora voce pode editar Stardoll! Só copie e cole o link acima na sua barra de links, e comece a editar! NOTA: Nao vai realmente trocar teu username.

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